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2EHP is mainly used in cosmetics. Its permeability is good, with antiperspirant and strong affinity for skin, also is breathable oil, and is widely used in skin care and cosmetics. Its properties are stable, not easy to oxidize or produce peculiar smell, can make the skin soft, tender and slippery without greasy feeling, permeability is good, commonly used in all kinds of skin care cream. In cosmetics, as an extension agent, combination agent of compact powder and good solvent for pigment in cosmetics. Commonly used in foundation cream, sunscreen, eye shadow, lipstick, mascara and other formulations. It also be as softening agent, dispersing agent, used in shampoo, shower gel formula.


Foundation Sun Care Eye Shadow Lip Stick
Mascara Hair Care Lotion Shower Gel  


Typical Properties

Item Typical Value SPEC. Method
Iodine Number, gl2/100g 0.1 1max ASTM D5554
Acid Number, mgKOH/g 0.005 0.06max ASTM D974
C16, wt% 98.8129 98-100 GC
Color, APHA 10 20max ASTM D1209
Free Alcohol, wt% 0.0046 0.01max FTIR
Hydroxyl Value, mgKOH/g 0.1 1max ASTM D1957
Water, wt% 0.0237 0.05max ASTM D6304
Refractive Index, @25°C 1.4456 1.44-1.45 ASTM D1218
Saponification Number, mgKOH/g 151.3 146-156 ASTM D94
Desity@20°C 0.858 0.84-0.86 ASTM D4052



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